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pure, pure Health, LLC​

Certified Nutrition and Wellness Counselor 

Certified Reflexologist

Simple steps to Sta​rt your Health and Wellness Program

1. Discuss why you are seeking health and wellness with your coach

2. Fill out simple basic forms: Intake form, Questionnaire, Medical Release Forms, Private Disclosures and Liability form

3. Connect with your health and wellness coach to learn what works for you on your journey to wellnes​s

4. Your wellness coach introduces foods to eat, recipes, exercise program and other informative information to simplify and make your journey to wellness exciting to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle

5. Journal your daily eating and lifestyle habits

6. You and your health coach design a new lifestyle program to lead you to optimum health (the program can be changed to fit your lifestyle)

7. Future meetings with your health coach to continue the learning process for your new lifestyle of health and wellness