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Certified Nutrition and Wellness Counselor 

Certified Reflexologist






My name is Claudia and I would like to tell you about my true passion for health and wellness, nutritional health and reflexology. 
​I started eating local and organic foods since I've been a child and have continued to educate myself in this field for over 20 years. I truly believe that eating whole foods, staying fit, practicing yoga, relaxation techniques, reflexology, skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, windsurfing and many other spiritual and whole fitness training keeps my body, mind and spirit balanced.
I'm educated from Clayton College of Natural Health in Nutrition, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Holistic Nutrition, and Laura Norman Face, Ear, Foot and Hand Reflexology. These certifications and teachings that I have soulfully earned, gives me the education to teach, educate and possibly heal my clients to live a whole, healthy lifestyle for life.
Potential Benefits of Working with a Holistic Nutrition Specialist Coach and Certified Reflexologist *Increased energy and vibrancy *Weight loss or gain and maintenance (depending on what you are working towards) *Deeper, more beneficial sleep *Improved digestion *Decrease or elimination of physical, mental, or emotional complaints or concerns *Increased mental alertness and focus *Improved condition of skin, hair and nails *Heightened level of overall happiness *Greater self-confidence and overall sense of happiness

My goals to Nutrition and wellness are focused to teach and educate people with the following health concerns: Weight Release, Hormone Balance, Low Energy, Sleep Issues, Enhance Life and Fitness Goals

pure, pure Health, LLC cannot treat, diagnose, cure any health condition, but I can teach, coach and educate you to reach your health and fitness goals.

Contact pure, pure Health, LLC to start your new journey to optimum health and wellness. I look forward to balance and enhance your health.